Lo-fi Melodics

Skifonix Sounds - Lo-fi Melodics
Skifonix Sounds - Lo-fi Melodics




44 Layered Melody Loops

Full melodic sections with layered guitar, bass and synth

29 Resampled Loops

More full melodic sections, chopped and resampled

16 Drum Loops

Full, Laid-back and groovy Hip-Hop loops

11 Vocal Loops

Processed loops ideal for adding texture

  • 44 Layered Melody Loops
  • 29 Resampled Loops
  • 11 Vocal Loops
  • 16 Drum Loops

Lofi Samples. ‘Lo-fi Melodics’ by Skifonix Sounds is our go-to collection for Hip-hop producers who want soulful, laid-back melodic loops to build a track upon.

We’ve put together 100 WAV loops that are essential for any producer wanting solid, feel-good lo-fi loops.

All loops are ready to go, pre-processed and layered. All you have to do is find the vibe you like and you can instantly get started.

The loops are broken into folders. Low Melodics, for bass and chord sections, and top melodics, with guitar and synth. We also have creative loops, with more processed and chopped loops (perfect for that resampled feel) as well as vocal loops and wonky, humanised drum loops.

We’ve used real guitar recordings, processed and layered to give a true lo-fi atmosphere. Each melodic loop is also appropriately key labelled.

All sounds from the demo are included, start creating chilled, soulful lo-fi tracks today!

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  1. 08_MELODYLOOP_Top_74_G 0:13
  2. 15_MELODYLOOP_Top_78_F# 0:12
  3. 25_MELODYLOOP_Top_70_F#m 0:14
  4. 06_MELODYLOOP_Low_70_G_E 0:14
  5. 11_MELODYLOOP_Creative_78_Fm 0:12
  6. 21_MELODYLOOP_Creative_66_G 0:15
  7. 06_DRUMLOOP_74 0:13
  8. 13_DRUMLOOP_72 0:13


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